Global bidirectional communications and data transmission (M2M) in real-time via Internet to Central Receiving Station(s) , for all parameters measured and stored by METEODATA (very low power battery operated data logger) located at unattended remote sites, using the following single or mixed ways:

 • GPRS Cellular Network
 • THURAYA Satellite (GmPRS)
 • INMARSAT Satellite (BGAN)

 With optional WEB Posting by means of the Geonica’s WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform.  Also available Unidirectional Satellite data transmission via:





Bidirectional communication in L-band

  •  TX: 1626,5 MHz to 1660,5 MHz
  •  RX: 1525,0 MHz to 1559,0 MHz

• Thuraya GmPRS Mobile Satellite Internet Service:

  • Up to 60 kbit/s downlink and 15kbit/s uplink
  • "Always-on" connection
  • Billed per amount of data transferred, not per time online or re-connection
  • Public static IP address is available
  • Available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers
  • Voice and messaging is enabled during data sessions.
  • Supports data applications: email, Web browsing, FTP, VPN, etc.

• Up to 444 Kbps wideband connection using ThurayaIP equipment (first mobile satellite solution to support 384 Kbps IP streaming).

• Maritime services. Combination of special (fixed) base station and subscription offering voice, fax, data and al ways on in ternet-access. Also, optional emergency service that sends multiple SMS messages containing alarm-status and actual position to pre-defined destinations.

• Reliable, congestion-free satellite communication with intelligent satellite architecture featuring dynamic resource allocation and superior hardware redundancy.

• Large Coverage Area. The Thuraya satellite network covers nearly one third of our planet and 2.3 billion people inAfrica, the Middle East, Asia and Australia as shown in the map on the following page

•  Integrated GPS inside all Thuraya equipment

• Dual Thuraya/GPS antenna

• Circuit switched voice and data/fax up to 9.6 Kbit/s

• Short Message Service