Global bidirectional communications and data transmission (M2M) in real-time via Internet to Central Receiving Station(s) , for all parameters measured and stored by METEODATA (very low power battery operated data logger) located at unattended remote sites, using the following single or mixed ways:

 • GPRS Cellular Network
 • THURAYA Satellite (GmPRS)
 • INMARSAT Satellite (BGAN)

 With optional WEB Posting by means of the Geonica’s WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform.  Also available Unidirectional Satellite data transmission via:




GEONICA has over 30 years of experience in remote control systems. Design and engineering are constantly evolving, providing maximum satisfaction to clients. Our equipment is installed in remote and isolated areas; therefore, reliability, minimum maintenance and low power consumption are the strengths of GEONICA’s designs. Actually, GEONICA provides full compatibility to a wide variety of communication networks in order to entirely adapt to each system’s requirements.

BGAN M2M is an INMARSAT service that allows users to connect to remote devices and applications at low data rates. It is entirely based on the current BGAN network and infrastructure and there are no changes to the INMARSAT provisioning process. This means that BGAN M2M will benefit from proven, reliable technology. BGAN M2M has the following technical advantages:

 • Ubiquitous coverage with high levels of availability and performance in unmanned environments. 

 • Cost-effective alternative to terrestrial cellular networks: no coverage or saturated 

 • Power efficiency enabling operation in power-deficient areas.

The INMARSAT satellite terminal model 9502 provides reliable connectivity over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) for IP SCADA and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. This terminal delivers affordable, global, end-to-end IP data connectivity enabling applications in industry sectors such as environmental monitoring, SmartGrid, pipeline monitoring, compressor monitoring, well site automation, video surveillance, and out-of-band management to primary site communications. The exceptional low power consumption (<1 W idle) of the satellite terminal model 9502 makes it possible to provide end-to-end IP connectivity to sites that are off the grid. This breakthrough provides end-to-end IP connectivity to power-challenged locations that rely upon solar battery arrays involving sensitive power budgets.

The Model 9502 includes 10 meters of RF cabling, granting the user freedom to position the antenna remotely and away from the transceiver in complex installations while securing the SIM card inside a premise or enclosure to better protect against unauthorized use, theft, and vandalism. Future firmware releases would be uncommon, meanwhile any such modem update will qualify for no charge over-the-air (OTA) upgrades saving customers time and money.
The INMARSAT satellite terminal comprises:
▪ GEO-9502 Transmitter unit
▪ GEO-9502 Antenna
▪ Mounting kit
▪ Connection Cables: 

  • RF cable: To connect transmitter to antenna
  • Ethernet cable: to connect the transmitter to GEONICA’s METEODATA/HYDRODATA - 2000/3000 data acquisition unit in order to transmit/receive data and commands from remote stations to the Data Reception Centre (DRC).
  • Power Supply cable: to connect the transmitter to the METEODATA/HYDRODATA - 2000/3000 data acquisition unit for powering the 9502 terminal.


 •  Bidirectional Communication
 •  IP Network
 • Remote programming /configuration of field stations
 • Average power consumption (typical)
Very Low
 • Always-ON Communication
 • Alarm Reception
• Requirement of  Satellite Earth Station at Data Receiving Center
• Remote diagnostic, support, and configuration.
  Firmware download / update

• Communication Cost (typical)
20-40 €/month
• Bandwidth (typical)
464Kbps downstream 
448Kbps upstream

• Capacity to transmit images from remote stations
• Real-Time Monitoring from Data Receiving Center
• Global Satellite Coverage
• Need for development of an application to process received data