Global bidirectional communications and data transmission (M2M) in real-time via Internet to Central Receiving Station(s) , for all parameters measured and stored by METEODATA (very low power battery operated data logger) located at unattended remote sites, using the following single or mixed ways:

 • GPRS Cellular Network
 • THURAYA Satellite (GmPRS)
 • INMARSAT Satellite (BGAN)

 With optional WEB Posting by means of the Geonica’s WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform.  Also available Unidirectional Satellite data transmission via:





The GOES HDR (high-data rate) Transmitter, Model GHT, provides ready access to the GOES Data Collection System (DCS) for GEONICA’s data loggers and sensors deployed in environmental data acquisition applications. NOAA/NESDIS’ new GOES DCS enables transmission of larger amounts of data and more frequent transmissions. 

 The GOES HDR Transmitter is easy to program using windowbased GHTSet on a PC or a PDA (pocket PC), or via menu-driven commands with any computer’s terminal program. The GHT operates as an ASCII modem for use with GEONICA data loggers METEODATA/HYDRODATA--2000/3000C, exporting data packets through a serial port, and in any format designated by the data logger and permitted by NESDIS. 

 The GOES HDR transmitter is mounted inside the enclosure of the METEODATA/HYDRODATA--2000/3000C data logger as a totally compact remote unit. In the next page is included an illustration of the METEODATA- 2000CP data logger showing all the internal elements, as well as the GOES HDR transmitter allocated in the upper part of the case.


  • Stream gauging and reservoir monitoring
  • Hydrological and meteorological stations
  •  Tidal and port systems
  • Surface and ground water monitoring
  • Agricultural environmental monitoring systems
  • Homeland Security information monitoring


  • Easy to operate as an ASCII modem
  • Serial output in two optional communication protocols:

 ~  Continuous listening for data from logger, or

 ~  Triggering signal to logger for data transfer

  • Easy to program using any computer’s terminal program
  • Operates with GEONICA data loggers  METEODATA/HYDRODATA - 2000/3000C
  •  GHTSet software program offers verification of GPS and GOES satellite communications

GOES HDR Transmitter

The GOES HDR Transmitter configuration is stored in non-volatile memory and controls all the operating parameters for data communication, the serial port and the GOES DCS. Internal calibration and self-check variables are available to the controller.


Power Requeriments

  • 10.5 to 14.35 VDC, 4.0 mA quiescent, 150 mA during GPS acquisition and 4A during transmission (6.3 watts output for 100 and 300 bps)

User Interface

  • RS 232 AT-style 9 pin “D” connector


  • GPS Discipline within 0.01 seconds GMT


  • -40° to 50° C; 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Tranmission Format

  • ASCII and Pseudo Binary
  • Certified with Antenna: V4TH (+10 dB gain)